TER 2017 - Licence MIASHS - Florent MATALONGA - Clara SORITA - Clara RIGAUD

Présentation du projet


Western musical notation is the most prevalent way to write music nowadays. Since the growth of informatics and specially Computer Aided Music, some file formats have been developed in order to build a link between human and the machine. Those file formats have various purposes, from storing human readable music scores (LilyPond, MusicXML) to encoding music as different tracks (MIDI). Both of those solutions are not directly understandable by humans.
ASCII Musical Notation is a new language created at the Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique in collaboration with music teachers from the Conservatoire de Bordeaux. This file format is exclusively based on ASCII characters and tend to be interpretable by humans and computers as well. This new concept needs to be validated and tested. As a school project, we developed a AMN translator which turns AMN into MIDI or LilyPond.