Réalisation d'un outil numérique d'aide à l'élaboration d'un projet de vie pour les personnes avec Trisomie 21 et enjeux futurs


Many studies have shown that people with Down’s syndrome have cognitive impairments that prevent them from functioning like the rest of the population on a daily basis. For instance, people with Down’s syndrome are not self-determined. So, it is difficult for them to make choices.

The French legislation “le droit à la compensation” released in 2005 now enables those people to define their life project. The Phoenix research group at the INRIA is developing a digital tool to help people with Down’s syndrome plan their life project.

We selected a group of subjects aged from 5 to 12 years old, that shared the same mental age as those with Down’s syndrome. They were tested on a mock-up, to create a prototype on a participatory design. This prototype is the first part of our digital tool, which tests the ability to make choices.

The digital tool should make it easier to write a life project in an easily accessible and entertaining way. It could also be generalized to other disabilities.